A Drug Free Alternative to the Discomforts of Pregnancy

Pregnancy, on the whole, should be a rewarding experience for a woman and many women will attest that this is true. Some women will even state, “I never felt better in my life than when I was pregnant.” An observant person will see this healthy look present in so many pregnant women. It has often been referred to as the “healthy glow of pregnancy”.

You see, when a woman's body is functioning properly during pregnancy the innate forces within her are working at peak capacity. It is this summoning of all of the body's resources that produces the “healthy glow of pregnancy.” Unfortunately for some women this is simply not true. Pregnancy can be fraught with health problems, making a woman truly miserable. She may even say, “I never want to be pregnant again.” It is truly a shame that some women are denied this period of exuberant health preparatory to the delivery of the child.

What are the common health problems with pregnancy? Most certainly a major problem is backache. Leg pains and swelling of the lower limbs is yet another problem. Toxemia and high blood pressure can also complicate some pregnancies. In the past, these common maladies were simply treated with drugs. Today even aspirin is frowned upon in pregnancy. Thus the common exclamation is uttered, “So, what's a woman to do, just suffer?

Since 1895 chiropractic care has proven a benefit to the pregnant woman.

The backaches of pregnancy are commonly caused by bio-mechanical misalignments of the spine and pelvis called subluxations. These subluxations, usually tolerated by the body, become intolerable when the additional weight of the baby adds to its burden to the spine. However the forward weight-bearing factor of the pregnancy actually makes the subluxation easier to correct by chiropractic methods. The weight pulling forward on the spine helps the vertebra return to an improved position once the vertebral “locking” (sometimes called fixation) is corrected by a spinal adjustment. Spinal subluxations aggravated by pregnancy often cause nerve pressure to the legs. As nerves come out from between each vertebra, a subluxation can cause a “pinched nerve” which then can cause leg pain, muscle cramps and swelling. Through spinal adjustments, chiropractic care can relieve these attendant problems of pregnancy that were once simply brushed off as the weight of the baby pressing on blood vessels and nerves.

Chiropractic care will not hurt anyone during pregnancy. Doesn't it make sense to give natural methods a chance before dangerous pain relieving drugs are resorted to?

Pains in the hips and sacroiliac joints also respond to chiropractic adjustment. The sacroiliac joints mobilize and spread a bit during pregnancy; as a consequence, pelvic misalignments can occur. Adjustment of the joints restores the mechanical alignment of the sacroiliac and prompt relief of pain.

As spinal adjustments also affect organic function and reduce nerve tension, chiropractic care can be of benefit in toxic conditions and high blood pressure that sometimes accompany pregnancy. So it makes good sense to try the natural care of your chiropractor for many of the health problems that can make pregnancy an unpleasant experience.

Most certainly we are not saying that you should discontinue medical care. But to control the discomforts of pregnancy do not turn to drugs; use the natural approach of regular chiropractic care concurrently with your periodic medical check up. Regular chiropractic care should be continued right up to delivery! Much of the pain during delivery is low back pain. Chiropractic care insures that the best possible spinal and pelvic alignment is maintained preparatory to the birthing process. It makes good sense to care for yourself and your baby with chiropractic care.

As the birthing process has its element of trauma for the mother, so, too, the little baby. Research has shown that even the common problem of colic responds successfully 90% of the time to chiropractic's gentle and safe methods of adjustive care. 2

For the mother and the child it is sensible to include chiropractic care.

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